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About Ballou


Hi from Claudia!! I am the owner of Shop Ballou! I started this dream of mine in February 2021! My goal with this brand is to share the trends, mix a little old with new and spread positivity. 
Ballou is my middle name, after my great grandmother! When she passed away she left me two butterfly broaches that she wanted me to have. From then on butterflies became a significant image in my life, which is why this brand focuses on the butterfly- butterfly accessories, winged graphic tees and custom butterfly apparel. 
Ballou is pronounced BUH-LOO! So why Ballou you may be wondering. Well BALLOU can be broken down to symbolize a mantra I live by. BE (B) ALL (ALL) OF (O) YOU (U). Honestly it just fits! Life is short, special and beautiful all at once and my goal with this brand is to remind people on a daily basis to truly be all of you. Because you are beautiful, you are strong and you are worthy of all that this life has to offer.


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